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The center administers annually over $8 million of research performed at The University of Tennessee, other universities in our region, and by private contractors. The center is responsible for contract oversight, billing, administration, and follow-up to ensure that quality research is performed on time and within budget.

UT Partners: CEE, Transportation Science & Engineering Program (TESP), ISEE, cycleUshare,

Through CTR, UT is the lead institution for the Southeastern Transportation Center, a consortium of nine universities from five states within US DOT Region IV. Operating under the theme of Comprehensive Transportation Safety, the STC is a national leader in safety research and training in highway transportation and public safety modes. It supports approximately 80 students in transportation related disciplines at member universities, and sponsors outstanding individuals pursuing graduate degrees.

National University Rail Center (NURail Center) is a rail-focused, Tier-1 University Transportation Center under the US DOT Research and Innovative Technology Administration program. CTR represents The University of Tennessee as a member of this seven-university consortium led by the Rail Transportation and Engineering Center at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Other research partners include

Through these programs CTR provides outlets for students and researchers to make valuable contributions to the future of transportation. CTR is associated with the UT departments of civil and environmental engineering; marketing, logistics and transportation; and geography.

Transportation research activity at UT and other universities is expanding. Studies indicate that between 2000 and 2025 the vehicle-miles of travel will increase by 68%. CTR and its programs are prepared to anticipate the transportation needs that will accompany such growth.


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