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Selected Sponsored Projects

Federal & National

US Department of Transportation

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

CTR and CEE to investigate nighttime seatbelt use - The nighttime safety of drivers and passengers on Tennessee’s highways could soon be greatly improved thanks to a new research project through the Center for Transportation Research at UT. The high number of injuries and deaths from traffic incidents prompted agencies such as the World Health Organization and the United Nations to recognize their epidemic proportion. Having been labeled as such allowed the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to come into play, leading to a competition to select a team that would lead the efforts to improve nighttime seat belt usage. UT’s team won, led by Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering Professor Shashi Nambisan and CTR Transportation Research Director Jerry Everett, and is now being supported by the CDC with a $1.2 million grant paid over three years.

Federal Highway Administration

CTR is partnering with Knox County Schools to create the Garrett A. Morgan Transportation Clearinghouse. This project is funded by Federal Highway Administration, and Dr. Jerry Everett is the PI.

National Waterways Foundation

Researchers from CTR and the University of Kentucky have completed and delivered Inland Navigation in the United States: An Evaluation of Economic Impacts and the Potential Effects of Infrastructure Investment for the National Waterways Foundation.

Tennessee Valley Authority

CTR's Drs. Mark Burton and Larry Bray have completed and delivered Pickwick Lock and Dam: Preliminary Economic Assessment for the Tennessee Valley Authority. This project and report supports TVA’s emergency response to required repairs to Pickwick Lock.


Tennessee Department of Transportation

Safe Routes to School (SRTS)

SRTS is a federally funded program that promotes the benefits of children walking and biking to school. CTR helps school officials develop proposals for sidewalk or bike/pedestrian safety projects that are technically and economically feasible, and in full compliance with program guidelines. CTR assisted 50 cities, counties, and school systems in the five SRTS grant application cycles since January 1, 2009.

Traffic Sign Grant Program

TDOT established the Traffic Sign Grant program to fund grantee agencies to obtain regulatory and warning signs. As a part of this award, grantees receive technical assistance from CTR. As a result of this assistance, 12 counties with populations below 30,000, and 35 cities with populations below 5,000 received more than 22,000 signs with a value of almost $900,000.

Multimodal Division

CTR is using short-line railroad track centerline data to develop GIS for TDOT’s Multimodal Division.


Researchers from CTR and UT's Center for Business Economic Research completed and delivered The Transportation Revenue Analysis and Monitoring System (TRAMS) to support the TDOT’s ongoing effort to revise the state’s system of roadway funding.

CTR participated in TDOT’s ongoing revisions to the Tennessee Statewide Freight Plan by monitoring and reviewing consultant work products, participating in its University Freight Think Tank, and organizing and hosting East Tennessee’s segment of the Tennessee Freight Advisory Committee.

Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security

Tennessee Highway Safety Office

CTR manages over $2 million in Governor’s Highway Safety Office support contracts.

Regional & Local

UT Helps Effort to Take Some of the Hazard out of HazMat Transportation

Vehicles carrying hazardous materials are a part of everyday traffic in the modern world, with 1.2 million shipments a day in the United States alone. Most drivers aren’t aware of this—until something goes awry. When a crash occurs, there can be shockingly little information available to first responders as they assess the situation, and that can lead to evacuations, closures, and even injuries to both emergency personnel and the public at large. That could soon change, thanks to a breakthrough being developed in conjunction with UT’s Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, the Center for Transportation Research, and the Southeastern Transportation Center. more...

Teens & Trucks Share the Road

Too many drivers of passenger cars, especially young people ages 16 to 24 years old, unnecessarily endanger themselves by failing to recognize that large trucks and cars differ significantly in their handling characteristics. To help educate teens about these differences, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, in collaboration with other organizations and support of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, developed Teens & Trucks Share the Road.

CTR completed Teens and Trucks project with visits to 10high schools statewide. UT, the Southeastern Transportation Center, Tennessee Trucking Foundation, and the Tennessee Department of Safety joined CTR in sponsoring this project.



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