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Affiliated Faculty

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Dr. Candace Brakewood, 2018 CTR Fellow
Candace Brakewood’s research focuses on “smart” transportation systems and aims to use new information and communication technologies to improve urban transportation networks. Areas include public transportation, shared mobility, transportation planning, and intelligent transportation systems.

Dr. Christopher Cherry, 2014 CTR Fellow
Sustainable Transportation; Non-Motorized Transportation Safety; Travel Behavior and Demand; Transportation Economics; Commercial Vehicle Safety; Transportation and the Environment; Multimodal Transport; Planning & Operations; Transit Security; Shared Vehicles

Dr. Baoshan Huang
Infrastructural materials – engineering characterization and multi-scale modeling of asphalt cement, asphalt paving mixtures, portland cement concrete, and other infrastructural materials
Pavement engineering – pavement design, testing and evaluation, pavement maintenance, and highway asset management 
Geotechnical engineering – soil improvement, slope stability, deep excavations, drill shaft and other deep foundations

Dr. Asad Khattak, 2021 CTR Fellow
Special Advisor, Journal of Transportation Safety & Security
Intelligent transportation systems
Transportation safety
Sustainable transportation

Dr. Joshua Fu
Genetic algorithm and stochastic based optimization applications in a high performance computing; Data management and information technology applications in environmental management systems; Reliability, uncertainty, and risk analysis in civil and environmental systems; Large scale simulation and implementation in Environmental Systems; Human dimension and sustainability in environmental systems

Dr. Richard Bennett, 2016 CTR Fellow
Sustainable Transportation; Non-Motorized Transportation Safety; Travel Behavior and Demand; Transportation Economics; Commercial Vehicle Safety; Transportation and the Environment; Multimodal Transport; Planning & Operations; Transit Security; Shared Vehicles

Dr. Lee Han
Real-time vehicle tracking with imperfect LPR input; Driving simulation and human factors; Mass evacuation strategies and operations; Traffic control and optimization; Transportation data management and analyses; Incident detection and management

Dr. Dayakar Penumadu
Carbon fiber reinforced polymeric composites and sandwich structures; Environmental degradation; Multi-scale mechanics; Multi-axial stress-strain-time behavior of multi-phase and granular materials; Non-invasive characterization and residual stress using; neutron and x-ray tomography and diffraction; Direct numerical simulations and porous media

Dr. John Z. Ma, 2015 CTR Fellow
Behavior and design of prestressed concrete bridges; Mechanics and applications of high performance concrete and fiber reinforced polymer composites; Sustainable Structures; Accelerated construction in highway bridges

Dr. John Schwartz
River channel adjustments through sediment transport and bank erosion processes, integrated with ecohydraulics restoration for aquatic physical habitat structure; Soil erosion processes and pollutant transport on disturbed land surfaces, including surface mining, bioenergy crop conversions, and stormwater runoff; Biogeochemical processes in forested watersheds impacted by acid pollutant deposition in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park; Water resource management of the Tennessee Valley Authority river system, examining potential effects of climate and land use change

Dr. Fredrick Wegmann, Professor Emeritus
Urban and Statewide Transportation Planning; Applications of Travel Demand Models; Relationship Between Transportation and Land Use

Earth & Planetary Sciences

Dr. Janet Hopson
The Department of Energy has recognized Dr. Hopson with one of five 2013 R&D Awards for her work developing and continuously improving the website The website was cited as one of the most widely used and useful U.S. Government websites, as well as for its contribution to federal programs such as Cash for Clunkers.


Dr. Larry Bray
Navigation transportation economics, including inland navigation cost estimation, related economic impacts, fuel consumption, emissions and other environmental impacts, and benefit-cost analysis

Dr. Matthew Murray
Director, Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy
Maintenance of the state econometric forecasting model that supports the annual Economic Report to the Governor and the quarterly Tennessee Business and Economic Outlook; transportation infrastructure finance; economic development incentives; economic/fiscal impact analysis; tax policy analysis; and education finance reform

Dr. Charles Sims, 2015 CTR Fellow
Management of renewable resources, coupled human and natural systems, risk and uncertainty, invasive species, native pests, public land management, optimal control theory, dynamic programming, real options, computable general equilibrium

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Dr. Qing Charles Cao, 2017 CTR Fellow
Complex software systems under distributed and uncertain environments, large-scale data analysis with applications in sensor networks, transportation and infrastructure, and distributed networking protocol design and optimization. Senior member of IEEE and a member of ACM. He has received an NSF Career Award

Food Science & Technology

Dr. Jennifer Richards, 2014 CTR Fellow
K12 STEM outreach; interdisciplinary curriculum development; integrating real world experiences into STEM instruction; program evaluation; food safety education; development and validation of STEM curricula

Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries

Dr. Tim Rials
Structure and properties of wood/polymer interfaces; Raw material assessment and process monitoring using spectroscopy; Cure analysis of thermosetting polymers


Dr. Shih Lung Shaw
Transportation geography; Geographic information science (GIScience) and spatio-temporal analysis; Transportation planning and modeling; Air transportation; Time geography; Effects of information and communications technologies (ICT) on human activity and travel patterns; Spatiotemporal analysis of human dynamics; Space-time GIS; GIS for transportation (GIS-T)

Industrial & Systems Engineering

Dr. Alberto Garcia-Díaz
Operations Research in Transportation and Logistics; Highway Cost Allocation; Bridge and Pavement Management Systems; Statistical Design of Experiments; Facilities Planning

Dr. Mingzhou Jin, 2015 CTR Fellow
Operations Research; Logistics, Transportation, and Supply Chain Management (Director of the LTS lab); Advanced Manufacturing and Sustainability

Dr. Anahita Khojandi, 2016 CTR Fellow
Designing Efficient and Reliable Systems; Utilizing Concepts of Natural Interaction for Work Design; Defining the Value of Information in Supply Chains

Dr. Rapinder Sawhney, 2014 CTR Fellow
Designing Efficient and Reliable Systems; Utilizing Concepts of Natural Interaction for Work Design; Defining the Value of Information in Supply Chains

Institute for a Secure & Sustainable Environment

Dr. Rachel Chen, 2017 CTR Fellow
Director, Center for Sustainable Business and Development
Tourism, hospitality, and service management including sustainable development, economic impact assessments, forecast model evaluations, tourist behavior analyses, and geographic information system (GIS) applications in business development.

Mr. Jonathon Overly, 2016 CTR Fellow
Director, East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition (ETCleanFuels).
Energy efficiency in state buildings, improving energy and materials use in current and advanced vehicles; products and their related energy, environmental, and manufacturing aspects to life-cycle assessment (LCA)-based and energy-based projects. These life-cycle assessments include entire automobiles, materials for new generation vehicles, and electronics such as CRT and LCD monitors and components.

Kinesiology, Recreation & Sport Studies

Dr.Eugene Fitzhugh, 2016 CTR Fellow
Relationship of physical activity with chronic diseases across the lifespan; hypertension, obesity, diabetes, major depressive disorder, metabolic syndrome; how the built environment promotes or hinders physical activity or active living among adults and children; conducts secondary analyses on datasets from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

Marketing & Supply Chain Management

Dr. John Bell, 2015 CTR Fellow
Logistics and supply chain management, vehicle routing, facility location, supply chain strategy and risk; the impact of natural resource scarcity in the supply chain

Dr. Lance Saunders, 2017 CTR Fellow
Development of analytical models for improving logistics and distribution performance, how sustainability practices are effectively implemented at the supply chain level using network analysis techniques.

Dr. Georg Schaur, 2016 CTR Fellow
Using detailed trade data to quantify obstacles in the supply chain that impose costs on international shipments; evaluating policies that help firms overcome barriers in the international supply chain; effects of import competition on workers.

Materials Science & Engineering

Dr. Peter Liaw
Mechanical behavior; Fatigue and fracture behavior; Nondestructive-evaluation; Neutron/synchrotron studies of advanced materials, including bulk-metallic glasses, nano-structural materials, high-entropy alloys, superalloys, steels, and intermetallics

Mechanical, Aerospace & Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Subhadeep Chakraborty, 2015 CTR Fellow
Characterization and mitigation of failures in complex systems using data-driven system identification and supervisory control; Electrochemical Sensor Development for Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Environmental Contaminants through Stochastic Signal Processing; modeling and analysis of behavioral dynamics in networked societies

Dr. David K. Irick, 2017 CTR Fellow
Faculty advisor for the EcoCAR 3 team
Internal combustion engines, vehicle systems, and computer integrated engineering and manufacturing. He has advised the university’s entry in DOE Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions since 2003. Member of SAE International, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and a senior member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

Plant Sciences, Landscape Architecture

Dr. Brad Collett, 2017 CTR Fellow
Director, Tennessee River Project
Capacity of landscape architecture and urban design to mediate the relationship between water resource health and the metabolisms, patterns and infrastructures of the urbanized landscape, including transportation. Co-authored HydroLIT, a national award-winning playbook for water quality improvement in Southeast Tennessee.